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CoBrite-DX1 is hosting one CoBrite tunable laser light source for versatile usage in many applications such as coherent transmitters or local oscillators. It features simple setup and compactness but still offering high optical fidelity. Three laser variants from cost effective multi-purpose to high end narrow linewidth laser sources are available to match your need.

Key features

  • Tune to any Frequency / Wavelength within specified range

  • up to 16dBm (40mW) optical power across entire range

  • USB Port for controlling the unit, GUI provided

  • Easy-to-use remote control/API via SCPI

The instrument can cover an application space of 1515nm to 1625nm and up to 17.8dBm of power using customized variants.

It makes this instrument an ideal choice for demanding coherent applications and advanced modulation formats. It’s competitive price still allows its usage for general purpose applications with lower technical requirements.

CoBrite-DX1 is easy to set up using any PC’s standard USB port by installation of an easy-to-use GUI.

Multiple devices can be operated on a single PC allowing control even for high count multi-channel applications.

Remote operation control empowers users to setup and perform complex automated tasks within minutes by automated scripting within any Windows application using Python, National Instruments LabView or Matlab.

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CoBrite DX1